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Our Team

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Christopher Moore

President / CEO

Entrepreneur, inventor, tinkerer working with Clean Energy technologies for over 20 years doing everything that I can to make the world and our lives better than they are today. ...Challenges never scare me; closed-minded people scare me!

Cheryl Moore

Board Treasurer / COO

20+ years office, Human Resources and IT and analytics experience. Masters Degree in Information Systems, with a Bachelors Degree in Human Resources Management.

Marsha Moore

Board Secretary

30+ years as an executive secretary for various organizations. Task oriented, responsible and driven.

Robert Hadfield

Strategic & Business Development Advocate

Executive Management, Global and Domestic Strategic Planning, Product Development, New Business Development, International Sales and Marketing, and Forming Strategic Alliances.

Tracy Beard

Administrative Assistant

Most of Tracy’s career has been spent as an admin assistant in the transportation field as well as a Health Information Specialist in doctor offices and hospitals. Recently she decided to go back to her administrative roots and she found herself riding this crazy train (and enjoying the ride) called Harmony Turbines, Inc.

Nate Mueller

Design Engineer and CAD Programmer

Nate is a design engineer who brings with him 12 years of experience in product development for industrial manufacturing companies. Nate has brought several products to market and has experience leading projects through a variety of phases including design, testing, production, and commercialization.



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