Extensive FAQ, Live Webinars and ALL HANDS ON DECK!

Extensive FAQ, Live Webinars and ALL HANDS ON DECK!

Posted 12/9/2022 - Hello everyone, Happy Holidays from Harmony Turbines!

We regularly get lots of emails and phone calls with the same questions, so we've put together an extensive FAQ to cover most of those.  It can be found here.  Check it out!

Additionally, next Thursday Dec. 15th, 5pm EST, we will be presenting Harmony to the Angel Investors Network and answering their questions.  Their LIVE webinar is open to the public, so if you'd like to join, you can check it out here and register.  In the near future, we will also be hosting our own series of LIVE webinars that you can be a part of.  Details coming soon so stay tuned!

And now for the most fun part of the past few days which have been crazy to say the least!!  Here are a few pictures of machining and putting our scoop array into the frame.  Kindly remember, this is our first MVP unit and the frame isn't the prettiest...we realize that.  But we have to get this unit finished up and gathering data for us. Don't worry, we will make improvements wherever needed along the way as we iterate through Design and Testing phases to make Harmony a success.



 Until next time...  Have a great weekend!

 -Chris & Cheryl

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