Campaign is closed - How did we do?

Campaign is closed - How did we do?

Good afternoon, Harmony Community! We are pleased to announce that our campaign closed Monday of last week ... and it was 100% successful...WE REACHED OUR $2M GOAL almost 7 hours before closing.

Six months ago we opened our crowdfunding campaign with StartEngine. Having only raised $404k prior to this campaign, a goal of $2M seemed lofty. Not unattainable, just lofty. And WOW did you, our community, surprise us! You overwhelmed us with your enthusiasm and support and helped us reach our goal. Thank you for believing in our technology and in us. We are humbled by your interest and generosity. Truly, we would not be here without you.

We hope you continue following our journey as we move through the next year of R & D, testing, and eventually into production. We invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and/or join our newsletter, where we regularly update our followers.

So now the real work begins for us. This next year is going to be crazy for us; let’s get it done!

~The Harmony Turbines Team (Chris, Cheryl, Tracy, Matt, Nate & Sarah)

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