April 2023 Update

April 2023 Update

Hello Harmony Community!

This past month has been very busy for us and filled with excitement.  Here's a quick recap of what we've been up to.

Winding down from the campaign:  We learned this month that winding down from a crowdfunding campaign requires a lot of extra work, dealing with financial management and government paperwork; we spent more time than expected on these necessary duties but got them done on time. 

Generator development:  Amidst all the paperwork, we began building our first generator prototype.  This is the "secret-sauce" to Harmony and we are not at liberty to share details in full, but we want you to know this work has begun and we are already working on iterations for the next version.     


Moving:  Remember a month or two ago we announced we would be moving our shop to a new location?  Well, the date has been set and we are getting ready.  We are waiting for some finishing touches at our new location and will begin packing up next week, with our move scheduled for mid-May.  The picture of the new location was taken a few weeks ago, while insulation was being sprayed onto the walls and ceiling. That work has now been completed!

Our new electric installation is also nearly complete. We have 400A of 208v 3-Phase power and over 500A of 480v power available to us once this is finished.


PA Manufacturing Networking:  And we even had time for some networking this month.  Our partnerships with Bucknell University, Penn State Berks and Northumbria all stemmed from the Manufacturing PA Innovation Program which is a collaboration between PA colleges / universities, the Industrial Resource Centers, and the Department of Community and Economic Development.  We were invited to attend their annual Expo and were privileged to join them at the event.  Having never set up a Harmony display before, we took this opportunity to debut our booth prowess with a video and some resin-printed miniature versions of Harmony.  These displays did not furl or have a generator, but they were used to begin conversations about Harmony and what we're all about.  This event gave us the opportunity to engage with our student teams, students and faculty from other PA universities, as well as various local businesses. Here is a team picture (minus Matt who wasn't able to attend that day), and some pictures with our Penn State Berks and Bucknell University teams.


And did you notice, in the team pictures, that we now have some Harmony Turbines apparel?  Yes, we've also been working on some really cool accessories.  Stay tuned for more information as we unveil our new website and our Harmony Turbines apparel, hopefully in the next month or two!

Thank you for your support and for continuing to follow our journey!

~The Harmony Turbines Team

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